Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Variety Pack

As many of you already know, I am working on tons of miniatures all at once, creating a vast assembly line that has figures in all stages of completion.

I am constantly prepping, priming, and basing new miniatures.

This is something I do virtually every day.

Hearing so many times about how painters get bored or burned out, I constantly suggest that they vary tasks.  Instead of painting 100 blue space marines each day for a year, it is a much better idea to tackle other tasks to 'take a break'.

I really enjoy basing, so that's about as close as I get to taking some time out of the work day to have fun.

Now that my basing has such a tremendous variety of types and styles, this can be very entertaining!

If you recall the blog post from a few weeks ago about building around the broccoli bases, that's what I did with these Reaper Miniatures.

These were very simple Happy Seppuku cobblestone moulds used for a couple of Wild West Exodus minis.

These bark and branch bases are for some Warrior Nation and Outlaw figures.

As usual, some form of Vallejo sand paste is used as a 'binder', and for additional textures.

I had fun using some new large gravel on these Dark Sword bases.

Same goes for a few more Reaper figures.

Blasted concrete bases are a favorite sci-fi base design for me.

These pirate theme bases are for some Privateer Press figures.

I love this simple board design, since it also works very well for Wild West theme figures!

News from the Forge

DragonForge Designs has an interesting kickstarter under away.

These are sheets of sci-fi/high tech materials which you can add to your bases.

Plus some additional fun items such as this column.

There are also some base sets:

Getting bigger!

Getting huge!!

It seems like any game of 40k requires dozens of flyer/Knight bases these days, so here you go!

Speaking of Knights...

Here are the sheets and tubing which I mentioned earlier.

A link for you: