Saturday, June 11, 2016

Secret Skeletons

Soon you will be seeing the massive critter that goes on this huge base, which is the size of a DVD!  For now, I thought you might like to get a look at what the base looked like before I put the Wendigo on it.

Most of it is made from the usual bark and branch method.  I have a tone of articles on that in the basing section.

What has been added to give it that Wild West feel would be some nifty skulls and skeletons from Secret Weapon miniatures.  I have put the skulls on lots of bases over the last few years, but I have not had as many of the skeletal bulls.  A giant base such as this seemed to be just right for that kind of bleached beast!

Stay tuned, as I show off the images of the gigantic completed Wendigo from Wild West Exodus.