Thursday, March 26, 2015

Robots, tanks and ???

We fill out a little more of the Mechanicum, this time with some of the smallest minis, such as the Thralls.

Ten more Thralls have joined this group since, and a huge transport vehicle is on the way as well.

Believe it or not, it almost dwarfs the Krios heavy support that you see in the backdrop here.

There are also some more specialized HQ choices and heavy supports coming as well, so stay tuned for those!

More Myrmidons as well...

Living on the Edge

Here are some images from a kickstarter that is entering its final week.

From Awaken Realms, we have The Edge, a series of very interesting and artistic figures.

When I first saw them on Facebook a while back, I thought they would be very interesting to paint... a lot of potential for creative color schemes, and fun basing!

I enjoyed the Gothic look... even a bit of Gothic horror.

These demons offer many opportunities for interesting skin colors.  Perhaps they might even be lit by torches or lava bases.

Who wouldn't want to touch this guy with their brushes?

Speaking of that, here are some studio paint jobs by Awaken Realms.

I was sent a test copy of this figure, and I have been working on it a little bit here and there.  Photos in a few days!!!

I love this diorama setting!

This statuary was fascinating!

It's just a tiny fraction of all the concepts they have been showing off.  Truly amazing sculpting!!!

Each faction and every figure is unique in a variety of ways.  I don't see myself ever getting bored painting these!!

You will find the kickstarter here: