Thursday, October 31, 2013

More options for the RAV 6 x 6

When I set out to photograph the various weapon options for the Secret Weapon RAV 6 x 6, I forgot how many there were!  I liked this option for a Multi Laser.

I am pretty sure that there is a WIP post that shows how I made a pin for these different wargear options.  You could use blue tac in a pinch, though, taking advantage of how they fit in.

Two more options in the next post!

It's very damp in the Underdark...

Well, just as I was transferring these images, the Inundation began.  What followed was an all nighter of bailing water from the basement.  It could be a longer time frame to the next post.  We shall see what the weather inflicts today.

This is another Raging Heroes Fantasy Blood Vestal.  These particular minis are metal, and they are all one piece!

This is beneficial in so many ways.  No tiny arms to pin, parts to break off, etc.

She joins the command group already painted.  Once again, all solid, one piece metal figures, despite the dynamic poses.  Very cool!!!

Raging Heroes is gearing up for Dark Elves.  There are many concept art images on their website.  I will try to post some of those as I continue with these ladies!

Back to the basement (Underdark) to construct more flood defenses.  Washing all the towels and laundry will have to wait...

Still out for Blood

Another Forgeworld marine... and another Blood Angel.

This guy goes with the apothecary I posted the other day.

And that means that it's time to get back to work!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Handy options

Well, it is always good to have plenty of options!  Secret Weapon provides that with their RAV 6 x 6 vehicle.  There are a ton of weapon options, right down to the hull mounted Heavy Bolter or Flamer.

Here is a plasma cannon option, in case you might want to use it as a Leman Russ...

I will also be creating some side sponsons to go on these armor skirts to complete the Leman Russ possibilities.

As you look through the images of the next few galleries, you will see just how many there are, and how easy it is to interchange them.

Need some Autocannons?

Each weapon is distinct from the other, and it makes it pretty easy to tell what is what...

More pictures on the way!

When the lights go out... again.

Well, the last thing I was expecting tonight was a neighborhood wide power outage.  It certainly messed up the work plans for the evening.

It did play out the very scenario that made me use laptops for the rendering instead of tower units, that's for sure.  At least I had enough time on the batteries to turn everything off!  So much for rendering.

Of course, any painting that required magnifier lights was a no go as well.  That meant creaking out the trusty candles yet again.  There is even another post on the blog here showing me painting by candle light...

I had a few terminators to prime, some bases to finish, and a few other ones that got some layers of yellow.

The light on the magnifier head gear was finally useful!  I had been very disappointed with it when I tried to use it for the videos.  But, when it's this dark, it really helped.

I have to say, it got nice and toasty in this little set up.  That was not so bad, since the heater wasn't going to be on either.  However, I had to keep the resin far away!

And, just in case there were looters...

I also tried to wash off some Zombies.  At least the water would be nearby to put out the inferno caused by the candles!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Running man, part two...

Straight from the tailgate party to Zombie mayhem!  More fun with runners.  I am going to have a blast painting a variety of sports franchises on these guys!

I already have a bunch in mind.  Maybe go from one conference to another.  SEC next?

Looks like those runners just ran into the wrong dude.  Disco Stu poppin' a cap in those bad boys.

Ain't gettin' my Benjamins!

We've got a runner!

Time for more Zombies.  This time, the more fleet of foot variety.

These guys will be more fun, I think, given the sports apparel they seem to be wearing.

Gotta have those newspaper headlines stating the obvious!

Check out Disco Stu in his sweet ride!!!  Fuzzy dice included.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Next man (Pestigor) up...

Another Pestigor complete for the Slime Bay Packers.  Old One Eye, I guess :-)

It gets even more interesting when the Rotters and Warriors come along.  Those are pretty wild.

Again, I didn't do the conversions... just the basing and painting for me.

Side by side with the color test...

Ready for action!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

When you have an itch... scratch it

When I first started playing my Demonhunter army. I got a notion to start using dreadnoughts.  Since I had no funds available for such a purpose, out came the Sculpey to the rescue!

I think I ended up scratch building as many of six of these...

This time, I used a newer type of Sculpey, which is grey.  This is a type of clay that is used for movie mock ups and other similar projects, since it holds an edge very well, but is pliable.

I became very adept at scratch building these things.  In fact, I was able to make all the individual parts pretty rapidly, and them glue them all together once they had been baked.

This made for some very nice smooth edges, and a solid design.  They were pretty strong, since 5-6 years later, they are still just fine, after seeing a lot of action.

I was also to use the clay extruder to create several kinds of thin sheets.  They were like plasticard, but completely flexible!

The base was my usual cork and white Sculpey design.  For the assault cannon, I used a plastic wall anchor.

Triple play!

For as many strange things have happened in the World Series so far, there has not been a triple play.  It probably will happen with all the mayhem on the base paths...

In the meantime, the Three Amigos!

We dance, we shoot...

Cha cha cha...

You can't touch this...

Line dance!

I think we're missing someone...