Monday, July 15, 2013

Tanks again...

Here we have some of the work for the Weathering and Battle damage video.  In these first few images, you are seeing the shaded basecoat work.  All of the colors are made lighter, with the plan of darkening them with glazes and washes.

The wheels were probably the most complicated element to do the shaded basecoat with, so I put each wheel on its own pin.

Let's not forget all the extra tank weapons that come with these fine tanks from Secret Weapon.

I used a variety of products here... GW, Vallejo, and Secret Weapon washes and glazes.

Once all those glazes and washes are completed, then you move on to the rust.  After that, I did the freehand.  From there I moved on to the paint chipping.

In the finished images, you will see all the weathering with the powders.  The mud as well.  That should be particularly interesting, since I have not tried that out except for a few tests!!  Stay tuned...

Keep Out!!

Yes, once again, a case of having too much FUN with basing!

As I mentioned the other day, I decided to paint up this base that was made during the sci-fi bases video.  There was a tiny slice of time open for it, and it seemed like it would gove folks a better sense of what they could do with it.

I also did some work with a few Secret Weapon weathering powders.  On these kinds of bases, you can get a little extra zing.  It made the concrete slab all the more convincing.

Another experiment is under way with the powders on a base.  Pics of that in the next few days... stay tuned!