Wednesday, November 22, 2017

High Seas

This interesting sculpt is from an old game called 7th Seas.  I don't know how far back this miniature line goes, but I am sure they are well over 10 years old.  It is really interesting to go back and revisit these older figures, especially in the ways elements such as the faces have been sculpted.

Of course, when you deal with older figures such as these, you are not always sure what things are supposed to be.  I ran into this a few times.  

However, I really enjoyed the face, as I could do some fun things with the transitions of skin colors.  The hair was also an interesting style, and certainly not one that I have ever painted before!  That is a rare treat, especially with all the thousands of figures I have painted from so many different manufacturers!

I could not resist going with my traditional blue and gold color combination.  Also, I attempted to infuse as many of the gold surfaces with some blue, and to incorporate a touch of the golds into the blues.  This is why you have a bit of teal mixed in with those blues!

It all has to to with the "color unity" that I preach so often here on these pages.

Making sure that there is at least a hint of each color on all areas of the figure makes for a much more pleasant experience for the viewer.  I mention this even more on the Facebook live painting demonstrations, because it is a little easier to spin the figure around and point out those areas!

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