Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Temple Ruins

Here's the next texture roller design from Green Stuff World.  They have a very large (and growing) collection of textures which cover all sorts of genres.  The fantasy theme rollers are outstanding and now the Temple texture joins the group!

I made a small series of bases, once again focusing on the simpler cork and sculpey method. A few extra bits were added to take advantage of the theme, such as the broken pillar chunks from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

There are a few sets of the pillar pieces, and you can see that it does not take very much to create a little more "story" to a base design.  Now this cavalry base can support one of those Templar style knights with elaborate freehand and other techniques.

Notice that I experimented with orienting the cork and sculpey at an angle.  To me, it gives the long, narrow base a little more heft and counterbalance.

Just as I have with previous designs, I tried to make a few levels on the bases.  It's pretty easy to establish these different heights by placing one piece of sculpey onto the cork.

To tie all the 'broken' pieces together, I used the Vallejo Oxide Paste, along with a variety of gravel and sand.

Adding those additional pieces to the sculpey texture really completes the look of the bases, especially the larger versions.  This is a 60mm base.

This group shot shows a nice set of bases (for any number of game systems) which was created using one rolled out sheet of sculpey.  As I mentioned in the last post, I normally use the grey extra firm sculpey for these sheets.  I didn't have any at this time, so I made do with the regular white sculpey.

One has to be aware that the white sculpey is more fragile than the extra firm, but it does allow you do make more interesting 'breaks' in the sculpey.  More subtle chipping along the edges can also be achieved.

Here's a link to the site: