Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fall has arrived!

Today we have a quick set of images showing the new Green Stuff World leaf punches! 

I did an article a few months ago about the first leaf punch.  In that test, I used painted paper instead of regular leaves.

Since it's fall now, and an increasing amount of leaves are on tge ground waiting to be picked up... why not give them a try?

I tried to select a nice variety in color, texture and so on, in order to see how each leaf would react in the punches. 

These were pressed flat right away, as you don't want them to be dried out and wrinkled. 

Each color punch is a different shaped leaf set.  It will take a while to get the hang of how to place the punch on the leaf to take advantage of natural textures likethe veins in the leaf. 

I used a pin to place a few leaves on a base... making sure to vary the colors enough so that a "pile" of leaves would be more natural. 

Having a nice range of colors from green to brown also compliments the colors of the marble! 

This view shows all the different leaves and punches...

Once the leaves were settled in place, I  used a little bit of oil washes from Ammo to magnify the textures in the leaves, and to get more shading.

The oils were less likelyto crinkle the leaves,  and the capillary action would get into all the deep cracks and crevices which water based products would not.  Something I have learned experimenting with the Ammo paints.  I will be bringing these along to Reapercon as well, so stay tuned!!