Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bloodknuckle Grymm Beserker... another Stonehaven Kickstarter mini!

OK!  Another Stonehaven dwarf for you!

The impetuous Grymm seldom lets an axe out of his iron grip, even while resting, and is known to plunge headfirst into a fight without the slightest bit of planning.  That never happens in role playing, does it?

And then there were none! Handgunner unit complete!!

Yea!  Here's the mini that I (and Jon) have been waiting for!  The last of the Handgunner unit.

I did a teeny bit of orange reflected light on the figures right next to the powder monkey.  Not anything crazy, since I have to allow for varied formations.

I tried to take as many shots of the whole unit from as many angles as possible.

I hope you folks have enjoyed the process of making this unit a reality!!!

Plenty more to come!!!

I was able to snap a picture of the hawk that lives on our block.  Yes, that is a hawk up near the top of that tree, about 8 houses down from us.    I wish every neighborhood had one... it could cut down on the tree and sky rats.

Making History? Something entirely new for me...

Well, folks, we are about to enter a very strange period in my painting career.  I have painted thousands of miniatures since this all started in 2001, but I have never painted anything that was not a fantasy figure or a sci-fi miniature.

Due to a whirlwind of events, a new long term project has begun.  This one has been 3 years in the waiting.  My first Historical miniatures!!!

We start with some Napoleanic Cavalry from 1812.

What made all this even more bizarre is that these are all sculpted by the Perry Brothers, which means it fells like I am painting GW figures.  Some of these horses nearly match my LOTR horses detail for detail.  There are actually fewer pieces to put together on these guys.  I started out by making all of the sword arms at parade rest, but it was decided that having the front row in charging form would be better.

So, charging arms it is!

Here's the color reference for the painting.  Smile Dave!

And now for the first color test...

This was not shot on my usual photo setup, so it looks a little wonky, but you get the idea :-)