Saturday, May 18, 2019


This unit might be just as challenging as the Warrior's Sons, because painting alabaster effects is not something that I have done before!  This was actually my first attempt.  As you can see by the card art, the surface does not quite look like metal. 

I had been told that the armor should be painted more like porcelain, but all the pictures I could glean from the show clearly showed a metal surface!  So, I had to try am mesh all three possible surface textures together.

The shield has an opalescent feel to it, which is something that I was hoping for.

For the cloaks, I wanted to work in other colors with the white, such as these purples and greens. You can see that principle at work here in this video on painting white:

If you want to see how this unit was primed, I have my first video tutorial on that process up on the YouTube Channel:

There are some other elements to this unit which wil be fun to paint, such as the 4 banners that go with them!  This should also be a very fun Oil Painting exercise!  I will be doing more tutorials on these for the Patreon Page, which you will be able to find here: