Sunday, June 22, 2014

Burning bright

A few more Reaper Minis from the vault!

It's always fun to so some of the orange object source lighting on cooler flesh tones such as this.

The see through clothing effect is tricky.  Certain colors are easier to do than others.  I guess white is the easiest.  This turquoise is somewhere in the middle.  Not so bad, since the cooler greens can be reflected in the shadow areas of the skin tones as well.

I put some turquoise in the floor colors as well, so that I could make sure some of that would be reflected...

Another art chapter.

Not long before I shifted from 2D art to miniature painting, I was doing a lot of Celtic Mythology inspired paintings.  I am still trying to track down more of the images.

This one was probably the largest and most elaborate, although I can think of some others which would give it a good run for its money! :-)

This is one of a number of designs that I painted on Celtic drums (bodhrans) numerous times.

This one is Epona the Horse Goddess.  I painted a good portion of this by candlight during a big rain storm in our booth at the Ren Faire.  Not much else was going to happen anyway, so time to entertain the 'guests' trapped inside!

This is one of the very first images that I painted, called "The Caretaker"  It has puppies!