Thursday, October 8, 2015

La bataille de France

With a second Somua s35 complete, it's time to try out a set of comparison shots of the two camo schemes.

This second approach seems to be quite unique to the French vehicles.  I have not seen this anywhere else in my research.

The most unusual version of this horizontal striped pattern saw the top color (mostly the turret), as completely painted in sky blue!

While this could be quite effective on the ground against troops in trenches, airborne assaults on a tank column like this would be quite dangerous, I think!

From here, it is on to some Renault tanks, which are even smaller.

Stay tuned!  Lots more on the way!!!

Searching for Red Gold!

Meet Crazy Louie, a well known prospector in the town of Wappelville.

Only the Enemy knows his true identity, but the townsfolk believe that he's been exposed to the Red Gold just a little too long!

With nothing more than his shovel and pick axe, he is constantly on the prowl for new veins of the mysterious red substance.

I am pretty sure that this figure is from Artizan Miniatures.  It's something I used for Deadlands years ago.

And, of course, he goes quite well with the Wild West Exodus RJ-1027 mining carts!

I am really looking forward to having this in our next WWX game.  Stay tuned for that battle report!!!

There you have it.  Now, where could Crazy Louie have gotten off to this time?  He's never around when the Holy Order are in town...

Should you want to try out some OSL of your own, I do have a video which shows my approach: