Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fire and Chaos

This 30mm scale figure is part of the Demigods Awakening line.  Like nearly every figure in the line, multiple options are available for weapons, etc.

On some of the figures, I have seen as many as 3 different options just for one weapon arm!

I had to go with the shield option on this figure, because I really liked the design.  It was not too complex, but the shapes were nicely defined, and that made it so easy to paint!

That kind of shard detail has made all of these Demigods figures very enjoyable to paint.  When you have to fight certain parts of a figure that lack such detail, the fun factor drops dramatically!

When you do have detail like this, your attention can be focused more in interesting effects and subtle color changes.

Lately I have started placing grass and foliage tufts near sources of light, in order to put a bit of OSL on them.  I have been very pleased with the extra touch something like that adds!

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