Sunday, August 3, 2014


A little bit of everything for you tonight.  A touch of Memoir terrain for our next campaign, including a cemetary.

Some gravel, which did double duty to stabilize the green stuff bases for the trees.

With a spot of paint and flock...

And a few quick bridge sections made out of pink foam.  Took just a matter of minutes!

I have also been working very hard on five Castellax Battle-Automata.  Lots of crazy little parts to scrub down.

Finished bridge sections...

The color scheme will be identical to the Krios tank.  Final Shaded Basecoat stage here.

I am doing this to all five... and then some serious glazing and tinting to take place!!

The whole thing...

Here we go!  The entire train!

It is so massive, it's tough to get it all in one image.

The view from above...

I look forward to seeing this at GenCon with a bunch of other Wild West Exodus figures around it!

Coming right at you!

Rollin' down the rails!

The GenCon Express!!!