Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bark, Branch, and tree...

You have seen many examples of my Bark and Branch basing technique, but I did a little experiment with this set.

I had a few chunks of dried tree wood, and I wanted to see how that might work out.

While my "standard" bark provides a shale like texture, the chunks of wood had some very nice striations.

These bases were created with very heavy bark from a red pine.  It almost resembled lava flows in some ways.

These bases were made for my 7th Cavalry and Pony Express rider NPC characters.

Each of these three primary textures look fantastic when they are painted, and some extra foliage added as well.

These bases are made with those chunks of wood.  I believe a few of them were actually pieces of mulch, or from trees that had been recently cut down.

What'cha doin' there, kid?

The Outlaws of Wild West Exodus are very character based.  This is designed to play to the story of the Outlaws, where nobody can really be trusted.

The hired hands are intended to be whatever drifters, thieves or criminals that they can find who can carry a gun.  These Bosses, Underbosses, and Sidekicks tend to pack a real punch, and don't offer any of the "buffs" that you would find in more highly trained factions such as Lawmen, Union or Holy Orders.

I didn't realize how prominent a point this was until I read the novels, and then started to examine all the individual unit profiles.

There are many ways where differences are established between factions, and this one is a very interesting an unique approach.