Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ides of March

Adepticon is practically here!  At least for us, since we leave early Wednesday morning to do set up and the usual stuff.  I know that a lot of folks will be converging there, so hopefully the travel is not too crazy, and we get to see everybody!

As usual, there will be a lot of stuff going on, and I will be bouncing around all over the place.  My hope is to get to spend more time at Fort Wappel during the day, since a lot less folks tend to be around in the late night hours.  

The oil paints will be there again, which means that I will attempt as many 'spot demos' as I can with them, so that people can be introduced to them.  While I will be bringing just about all of my Bolt Action stuff with me, I will have several other figures too... Reaper, Dark Sword, you name it!

I will also have the Painting Pyramid painting videos on USB drives as usual, with all 53 episodes available.  Just drop by Fort Wappel and see me.

Hope to see everybody there very soon! Safe travels!