Sunday, November 5, 2017


Here's something that I was able to work on during a podcast recording with the folks at Models Workshop.  I had originally worked on it over 10 years ago when I first started up my Lizardman army!

It was interesting to do this, since at that time, I was just starting to develop the Shaded Basecoat technique.  While that has undergone many alterations since, the essential idea is the same.  Start with the light middle tones and work lighter as fast as possible to cover the entire surface of the figure.

Once all the surfaces have been covered, and the lights and darks established, I can do several series of glazes.  The aspect that has changed the most is what I use for those glazes, and that I do more color contrasts in those mid tone areas.

These days, I use a lot of the Reaper Liner paints and Clear paints, along with the new Secret Weapon weathering paints.  All of those are fantastic for glazing, and better yet, they are just as effective for the mid tone work that follows!

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