Monday, July 27, 2015

This old man

This "Old Timer" is not your average Senior Citizen.

He is Sircan Abner, a boss in the Holy Order of Man posse.

In addition to providing buffs to the rest of the posse's abilities, he is a guardian of Relics.

This means that you have a much better chance of gaining the initiative, especially if you also have a few other Holy Order characters chipping in.

Gaining the initiative is normally important, but when you are as outnumbered as Holy Orders will be, being able to get the jump on your enemy is crucial!

Going first can help keep you alive, obviously.  It's even more important, because you will likely have to take a lot of chances in positioning your forces.  Holy Order don't have a lot of long range options, forcing them to be more stealthy.

After GenCon, I hope to try out a number of different posse builds.  I am also working on one that includes several members of the Wayward Eight.

Burning up the Barnyard

Here's something that no western themed table should be without!  Yes, another fantastic kit from Burn In Designs.

As always, Lathan make sure that the interior has lots of fun spaces for the figures to move about.  Each level also has multiple ways to access them, so you don't have to make too many of those climbing rolls.

Hiding and shooting is a classic barn activity in Wappelville these days.

A handy staircase to get you up there...

This awning looks great, but also offers some cover from snipers in high perches!

Or you could just box it in and stay warm!

Gotta have one of these!!