Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Lash

This member of the Escher gang was definitely may favorite of the bunch.  As soon as I saw the power whip, I thought that I could do some fun Object Soucre Lighting!

Since the whip wrapped around the figure, it meant that I could spread out the effect much farther than I normally would be able to do.

I love doing OSL on figures, as it tends to give the eye more of a sense of scale, making them seem larger than just a tiny figure barely over 1 inch tall.  That is why Object Source Lighting is part of the "core set" of Painting Pyramid videos.  Here's a link to one of the sample versions on YouTube:

Here is a link to the original live session where I painted a batch of 5 in oil paints.  I have just secured some more units (this time Dark Elves) which will be the source of many more tutorials and live sessions.

I have been posting more links to special Patreon versions of these tutorials, with more coming this month.  Five have been posted thus far, including the Shaded Basecoat and Glazing videos.  

I will also be creating more new versions of the Painting Pyramid videos, which will focus on basing, army painting techniques, oil paints, and much more!  A $5 pledge is all you need to see those full length 100-200 minute tutorials.