Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Lavender Paladin

I originally started working on this Sandra Garrity sculpt at Marcon.  This was a more challenging piece, as some of the details were quite small.

To keep the long flowing cloak more interesting, I tried to create a number of different color and saturation variations.  As you can see, some parts are a more intense, warm purple, which transition to a more muted blue.  I also made darker and midtone blue shades to compliment these colors.

I used the Reaper clear and liner paints to tint and shade most of these colors.  While those paints have a very intense pigmentation, they are also more translucent.  When combined with water or even materials such as glaze medium or flow improver, you essentially create a very nice glaze of your own!

I will be demonstrating this principle in a few classes at Reapercon later this year.  The use of liner paints is well documented in my painting videos.  Those liner paints are also excellent for freehand work!  Be sure to see me in the dealer's room at GenCon!  I will definitely be demonstrating these techniques before your very eyes :-)