Saturday, April 19, 2014

A shout out for Reapercon

Here's one last Reaper mini before heading out to Reapercon!  This was an experiment in fluorescent paints.

I painted the first few layers of the figure with the cyan fluorescent paint mixed in.  The idea was to have it as an underlayer, with subsequent layers playing off of it.

I mixed some muted flesh tone colors in with the cyan, and it yielded some fun results.  The fluorescent paints are also semi-translucent, which I was counting on for the ghostly effect.

In a way, some of the flesh colors were suspended within the fluorescent paint.

Other more opaque colors were added to the hair and to the cloth to provide some depth, and to achieve some warm/cool color variations.

She is also here:

Chop shop

It cuts deep, but it is time to put one more of the Raging Heroes Blood Vestals out there.

As usual, it is pretty amazing that this would be a one piece miniature.  That is great, since it allows for some delicacy in the form and pose, but makes it much stronger than trying to pin many small pieces together!

She's also here: