Monday, March 7, 2016

Jungle Warrior

Let's take another look at the new Salamander figures from Mantic Games!  As I build up the brand new army for Kings of War, I'll be exploring a few different color schemes.

The first was a more standard warm green, but I thought I would try out something in the deep red range.

The Salamander fluff stresses fire... fire breathing dragons, etc.  I wanted to contrast those deep reds with a blueish gray obsidian blade.

As with the first figure, the foliage is from a set of paper jungle foliage.

Stay tuned for more examples of the two handed Salamanders, followed by a unit (horde on a multibase) of single handed weapons!

A horse of a different color

As I have mentioned before, I really enjoyed playing my Galadrhim cavalry.  They were fast, agile, and the high fight skill was just the trick to take advantage of more heavily armored Orcs and other baddies.

The basing for all the elves and the Easterlings was meant to reflect the terrain of the display board, which was called Fortress Falls.

 Here's a peek at the completed army board: