Saturday, April 14, 2018

Up In Your Grille

This new kit from Trenchworx will be joining my late war German forces soon!  Let's take a look...

It is no secret that I really enjoy the Trenchworx vehicles, and that one of my favorite things are the instructions.  Even if you are familiar with a vehicle and how it should look, each kit always breaks up those parts differently.

Having something that shows such a breakdown saves time and potential aggravation, which I love!

The precision sculpting and casting are spot on...

I will have to choose a color scheme for it, and it just might be this, including the additional foliage.  The temptation to make it a winter version for Hungary was tempting, but I wanted to make a video showing how to paint this and various methods for creating the added foliage camo.

I think that I will paint on the camo pattern by hand in the video, since not every has airbrushes.  The rest will be done with oil paints, as usual.

Here are some views of the assembly.  I did leave the gun shield armor unattached, so that I could paint the interiors of all surfaces more easily.  This is another fantastic element that is built into the kits.  Everything snaps and fits together so well, it is possible to dry fit in this manner.

I was tempted to create some crew out of plastic figures, but I will have to see what I can find.  Perry Brothers probably has some crew figures as well.

This video will probably be a recorded version that I post on YouTube, since I will have to take this on in many sections.  It is possible to put in a lot more detail and info with an edited video vs the live sessions where I often have to repeat answers to similar questions.

I can also set up the camera for an ideal shot/angle, which is very difficult to do live.  With all the fighting compartment details, that will be quite important!