Saturday, September 26, 2015

She's a very Wicked Witch

Yes she is!  Very wicked indeed.  This rather naughty witch is from the Black Scorpion Miniatures line.  They have all sorts of fun figures, including a huge range of pirate figures!  Undead Pirates battling Dwarf buccaneers, even pesky goblin pirates!

You will be seeing more of those here, along with some of the western theme figures.

The base is from DragonForge design, and the foliage came from Hangar 18 and Kings Hobby and Games websites.

I thought the sheer cloth would be very fun to paint, and it was.  A tribute to Sidonia the Sorceress was intended as well.  Her dress was woven of spider silk, and it had the look of a spider's web.  

I even did a painting called Sidonia the Sorceress, which is in the 2D art section of the blog.

This figure is also available here:

The Joys of Infamy

Infamy Miniature, that is!!  I think many of you saw a previous post which discussed the artistry and quality of these miniatures.

Not only are they wonderful and amazing sculpts, which provide a number of fun painting subjects, the quality and accuracy of the final production figures is second to none.

It's so easy to prep these for painting!  Things fit together so well, and mould lines are very minimal, and not in difficult areas.

The resin material is also strong and resilient, but silky smooth as well.

I believe that the kickstarter figures are being shipped out now, or at least I have seen a number of happy folks in my facebook feed talking about them!

It's going to be a joy to paint even more of these incredible figures!!  Stay tuned.