Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Big Pig

I'm not really sure what these guys are, but this was an interesting challenge.  Once again, a compressed color range, but very fun to try and get as much variety in that range as possible.

I tried to have a warmer flavor to anything that wasn't armor.  However, reflecting those warmer earth tones on the metal was very important.  Not just as a straight reflection either, but using those browns and blues together to create more interesting grays.

I had to keep one section of the range isolated just a bit for the base, and that was in the greenish tones.  A few of those shades did end up on the metals of the weapon and the mask, in order to continue that color all across the figure.

Color balance is always important, even on high saturation pieces with all kinds of bright colors.  I suppose that it's just more important when you are dealing with mostly mid tones and muted colors!