Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Another tank division takes shape...

So, when you have a bunch of colors sitting out there on the palette, and you know you don;t need them for what's right in front of you, you either let it dry out or grab something else!

With the partially restored work area, I had the Panzers sitting nearby.  That meant I could use up all the leftover colors for a good purpose!  Tiny tanks for Memoir '44!

While I enjoyed the desert paint scheme, I was looking forward to the standard early war gray since I knew the weathering would really show up nicely.

I had mixed greenish gray, blue/gray, even some pink in the gray, just to create that variety in shade to force some extra shape onto something so small.

It was pretty much everything I put into the Shades of Gray video. :-)

Ooh, and I just had to try these out on a backdrop with some green!

With the Foxy Desert Panzers...

One unit of late war camo pattern Panzers are on the way, so that will make for some fun group shots!

Ready for action!

Order from chaos?

I was fortunate enough this weekend to get a little assist in attempting to reinvigorate a work area that has been brutalized by way too much work, and far too many disasters.

This is about as organized as the paint jars have been over the last 8 months or so.

So, a certain purveyor of laser cut wood said they would come to the rescue!  And so, we have some nifty products from Burn In Designs.

Here's the full range:

Right away, I figured that I could get just about all my jars of paint into these.  I don't have all that many.  Shockingly few, in fact!  Here are some Secret Weapon washes finding a home...

Since I have ended up with a majority of the dropper style bottles now... we have this set up!

It's a "snap" to put together...yup, I went there.

Ready for paint!

Filling up fast, and emptying out the food containers at last.

Armed and dangerous!

It's amazing what this did already, and there are many more products that can solve a host of other organizing issues.  The jars of paint really stay in these very well, so it also means viability of transport too!

Ah yes, back home again.  Typical look of the workstation.  Since every day has become an exercise in madness, I have taken to the "pull and toss" method.  That is, pull a jar of paint out of the box and toss it aside so that I can get back to painting more quickly.

This leads to multiple jars of the same color piled up around me, to the point where I am actually resting my arms on the rolling jars as I paint.  Lots of them simply end up on the floor.

Yikes!  What happened?!

Those of you who have watched me paint via the blog, in person or have seen some of the videos know that I will use old jars of paint to hold miniatures that have been based or parts of figures.

Many times, I have knocked over those jars onto the palette.  Those days are now gone!  Now they will all be held in place.  Yay!

Looks just a wee bit different, doesn't it?  

So, a shout out to Burn In Designs!!!  Thanks so much!