Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Great Horned One

This figure was a test of the Reaper clear paints, to see how much mixing you can do with them and still maintain the magical glazing effect that they have.  As I have mentioned many times about the clear paints... you can thin them down with nothing more than water, but they do not leave behind water marks, and get down in all the lower crevices very efficiently.

Those colors are very highly pigmented, and quite intense.  I wanted to see if I could grey down the colors (by mixing opposites such as red & green, etc.) and still get that translucent application of washes and glazes.

Since the set of clear paints includes red, green, yellow, blue and purple, you can mix any color you need!  Also, combining them with lighter, opaque colors also gives you the same semi-translucent middle tones that I love so much!  It is along the same lines as the previous post about mixing the opaque mud colors with the oil washes.

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