Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Death do us part...

Back to the Army of the Dead, and that very fun combination of bright fluorescent paints and weathering.

The initial layers were mostly variations of the fluorescent colors, a mixture of blues and greens.  Once these more saturated layers were in place, glazes of muted weathering tones were painted over the top.

I select areas, I went back in and did more work in the mid tones and highlights.  This allowed be to pick out a few spots where the colors were 'cleaner', and that helped to provide the ethereal appearance.

The weapons, shields and armor were the prime places to emphasize that weathering!  Stay tuned for more...

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hungarian Steel

From time to time, you have heard me mention an upcoming Hungarian army for my Bolt Action games.  While the infantry will come from a number of sources, Mad Bob's Miniatures supplies a handy array of vehicles.  I have some of these for you to look at in this post.

Let's begin with the Toldi II with spaced armor.  It is a light tank, but like many vehicles in the Hungarian army, it is of their own design.  

The Nimrod has a few different functions.  It comes with four metal crew members.

Here's the Turan II with mesh spaced armor.  It will be interesting to see if some of the alcohol based decal liquids will be able to 'melt' the decals into the recesses of the mesh.

If they are not successful, I will simply paint those in place.

I forgot to take some images of the decals, which are also available in the webstore.  Both the early war and later war insignia are available.  I think I may have to use both varieties, since the tanks that I have are focused more on the later war years.  This means using the simple white cross on the black square.

The Zrinyi is the largest of all the tanks, and may serve even more anti-infantry use in the version 2 rules.   I suppose that in certain cases this self propelled gun could take out a lighter tank, but I get the feeling that mobile HE will be vital to the defense of Budapest!

It is also heavily armored, not open topped.

There are some trucks that are also available, such as the Botond and Raba Ari.  I will try and get some of those to go along with the armor.  Speaking of armor, there also the Csaba armored car.

You can see all of these fantastic vehicles here:

Monday, November 28, 2016


This is another combination of the very old Dark Eldar kits and the more recent set.

As I have mentioned in other posts, this was a great way to extend the life of the newer boxes, since I could save the less numerous legs and torsos for the heavy and special weapons sets.

Doing so gave me a lot more options for building squads down the line, and made for some unique looking figures as well!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Getting around in style

You saw a peek at this Hanomag last week in the overall shot of the France '40 German Heer army.

It was part of a trio of test vehicles, where I was trying to get a handle on the new Mig AMMO products, decals, and more.  Since each of these vehicles presented different challenges, I thought it would be an excellent laboratory! 

The research I had done on the Opel Blitz markings decided on what I would be doing here.  I was able to get some decal fix and sealer, which took a few tries to work out as I wanted them to.  I had to figure out how long certain products needed to set, etc.

Moving forward, the concept is to work on dozens of vehicles and infantry figures all at once using the oils and other pigments.  This will allow me to maximize the advantages of the longer drying time of those oils.  

I still have a lot more testing to conduct, not only on this early war army, but on desert, winter and urban settings.  Starting the process with the classic early war German Blitzkrieg force will make a prefect foil for the ever expanding French army.  Yes, I have not forgotten about them!  A lot more is on the way...

With each vehicle that I work on, more new ideas emerge for combinations of pigments and paints.  You won't be seeing the usual procedure for using the AMMO stuff... or the airbrush for that matter!

Here we go!  The first trio of vehicles, hopefully a successful first round of testing!

Saturday, November 26, 2016


This unusual figure presented a number of  color choice decisions.   It appeared to be more of a beastman style creature, so I tried to push the colors towards a human set.

I used earth tones and greens on other surfaces to stay in harmony with these skin colors.

I did tint the skin  color more purple in the end, adjusting on the fly with successive glazes.  This was done to initiate a Chaos element .

She's also here:

Friday, November 25, 2016

Skink Charge!

Next up is another of my favorite lizards!  Yes, the mighty Skink!

These little guys are just so active... I couldn't resist putting all of them in extra aggressive poses.

When I made my display board years ago, I created a few press moulds for the decorations on the temple walls.  These also made handy extra touches on the bases, especially when I needed to expand the base to make room for a wider footprint.

While the basic colors of this are "simple green", the gradations and muted stripes help to make him seem a little less cartoony.  When you are dealing with things this small, it's all to easy to make them start looking like hairless scaled zebras, so it is essential to approach the stripes in more of a transparent application.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bringing in the BEF

Here's a brief set of images that I shot while I was working on the BEF... the glazing phase.

Most of you should be very familiar with the concept of the Shaded Basecoat technique.  This involves working rapidly, across many figures at once, starting with lighter colors and working all the way towards highlights.  The subsequent stage is glazing, where those colors are shaded, tinted as needed.

This view shows the Brits looked in that Glazing phase.  I think that I had already done my glazes on the bases themselves.

The pictures will not be ideal, since the lighting and other work circumstances were done "on the road" away from the studio.  However, you can see in the overall image (and the insert) that the glazes can be removed once applied to control them.

This provides a great deal of efficiency and speed, since it takes a lot less time to apply several translucent layers as opposed to opaque layering.

These lads have some of those glazes applied.  I used a few different greens and browns in the glazes, which provided subtle variety from one figure to the next.  This is the equivalent of the Mig AMMO filters, which tint colors and also serve to 'blend' lights and darks together more smoothly. 

I tried to get you an image of a few unglazed figures next to ones that have gotten that glazing treatment.

More figures have been glazed.  I used a variety of companies paints in this task, mostly Vallejo washes.  They have a rich tone, with a little thicker consistency.  I also had some Secret Weapon washes, which are very thin and runny.

Mixing the Secret Weapon and Vallejo glazes together works well, and also cuts down on the shiny nature of the Secret Weapon glazes.

This progression of images gives a blow by blow on some glazing in action. I worked my way from one figure to the next, carefully applying the glazes, making sure to tint the original Shaded Basecoat and not just make it darker.

The machine gun team helmets are the focus of this image set.  I mixed a darker green glaze for the helmets, but I removed some of the glaze on the upper surface of the helmet before it could dry.  This is why I want to try using the oil washes for this stage, because I would have several hours to do this "removal process".

The artillery, machine gun and mortar teams now have their glazing.  They look quite different than they did in those early images!!

I will be sure to post more tutorial style articles on these figures as they progress.  As I have mentioned before, you will probably see me painting some in live Google Hangouts as well, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Ice Warrior

This figure is the first in a series of alternate color schemes for the Algoryn faction from Gates of Antares.  The goal is to create as wide a range of themes as possible, using both color and basing.

Since the original color is a deep red, I wanted to try something very different, utilizing an icy palette for an icy base!

The faceted armor reminded me of ice, hence the reason this particular theme crossed my mind first.

Some of the other concepts I'm working on include urban, lava base, jungle camo, and more... so stay tuned!