Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why so angry? Wrath of Kings

Here's a some figures from the Wrath of Kings line by Coolminiornot.

I had to match the concept art for colors, so those choices were not my own.  They definitely were not what I would have gone with, since they were mostly the same value of dark or light.  I was tempted to try and do some tattoo designs, but that was not on the art :-(

Taking flight: Gwaihir finished!

OK... here are some views of the completed Gwaihir!  For those who don't know, I have a few work in progress posts that show how I converted this piece as well as painting process.

Since the last WIP post, I worked mostly on the highlights.  I also did some more work on the darkest darks.  

The base got a lot of work, as I tried to finish off the casualties and the rocks.

The balance of warm and cool colors also played out with the highlights, and with those deepest darks. I mixed a deep terracotta color with a black to line the edges of the feathers where the lights were cooler, and the opposite with the warm lights.

I did decide to toss in some bloodstains on the rocks, the casualties.  There was also a little bit on the eagle's talons.