Saturday, April 8, 2017

True Crusader

This iconic British vehicle is yet another fantastic kit from Rubicon Models.

As you can see by the following image, it has the usual multi-kit function, allowing you to make several different varieties in this single box.

As detailed as the sprues are, the instructions are just as detailed, with a number of helpful highlighted sections.  Those are concentrated in places where options exist for different turrets on variants, etc.

A very generous decal sheet means that you can adapt your vehicle to almost any unit or theatre. 

Here's the sprues, which are always nicely arranged, with pieces that are easy to remove, since there is not a lot of 'tension' exerted on each piece.

It is possible to use the extra pieces to create destroyed vehicle terrain, or even add to other kits as a potential conversion.

Once again, the instructions guide you very efficiently, letting you know when a piece should be put together first, or where your contact points might be.

It doesn't take long to see your new Crusader tank evolve!

I was asked to go with the Crusader 2 variant, with the light gun and armor skirts.

The extra fuel storage was a must, so that I could use the Mig AMMO oil and fuel stains paints :-)

All built, and ready for primer!!

Let the painting process begin!  First, a number of layers of Badger Stynlrez primer were used to create a solid base for painting the subsequent layers of oils.  Since there are now 12 colors of Badger primers, I never had to use any actual paint to get my original base colors!

I was able to try out the new Mig AMMO OilBrushers, which have a fantastic paint consistency.  It is as close to regular acrylic paints as possible.  I discovered that they mix quite well with my other oil products, such as the Wilder paints and Windsor Newton paints.

Here's a link to the facebook live session that was done to experiment with the paints.  It's about 110 minutes long, so check it out!