Thursday, February 9, 2017

The grass is not always Greener

Now that I have a number of Bolt Action forces that will require desert basing, I knew that I would have to increase the variety of my grass tufts.

While I have several versions that are shorter, I didn't have anything in tuft form which was taller.  These new grass tufts from Green Stuff World will certainly help speed up that process!

It was really interesting just to see how wide the blister pack was compared to what I'm used to!

This would also be an experiment to see how easy these would be to cut into smaller chunks, and to trim.

While some of the tuft will fall away when you cut it, there was no harm to the overall look of each tuft.

This part of the process will involve much less swearing in the future, because this pin has since been replaced by specialized tweezers!!

In no time at all, I was able to get plenty of tufts on my Easterlings and the Ninjas.

Voila!  Wasteland/desert tufts that also reflected the subtle bronze/gold hints in the metal of each figure.