Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Sorcerer's Fire

The second installment of Painting Nocturna Models is now up on the Patreon Page and ready for viewing!

The two episodes of The Sorcerer's Fire are about 4 1/2 hours total, and to covers the entire process of painting the double Object Source Lighting effect!

It is always a challenge to paint multiple light sources, but even more so when those light sources are very different colors.

You also have to consider the colors of the miniature itself, such as the pants, cloak, tunic and so on.  It is vital to make those complimentary to the effect that you want to achieve, but they still have to make sense as a clothing item as well.

This is discussed at length throughout the videos.

You can get a hint in this image of the striking difference between the two light sources, even though they are being painted on the same section of the figure... just on opposite sides!

With the floating rocks and billowing cloaks, hair and tunic posing even more challenges, we have to think of those as opportunities instead.

I explain my color choices on the clothes, and go over the strategy behind them.  While the cloak is technically a cooler color, I still highlight it with a muted warm tone to keep it on the warmer side overall, and act as a secondary type of contrast to the much more saturated blue glow.

The pants would be considered a war color as tan, but it is far more muted and cooler than the fire glow.  Some greens were added in that area to accentuate that subtle contrast.

This image shows what a logistical nightmare the cloak could pose, since the undulations are very numerous, and they are also at different "heights".  This meant that some areas of the cloak would be in 'shadow' from the blueish glow, but still need highlights from the ambient light.

I have a number of these large scale figure tutorials under way, including a series from Big Child Creatives (those will be mostly painted with oils).  These will all be available to my patron on the Patreon Page.

If you want to see how this miniature was done, as well as many more elaborate pieces, be sure to sign up now to the Patreon Page and watch these very complex figures/color schemes be broken down into something far more manageable!  Here's a link to the page: