Thursday, July 28, 2016

Looking for Trouble

While I was prepping a TON of Reaper miniatures to use as demonstration material in the GenCon booth (#2861), I ran across this assassin figure, and decided to finish it off.  It seemed to be just the right figure for the ruined Celtic temple theme base!

I have a number of BONES minis that I will have on hand to demonstrate various techniques, although the Shaded Basecoat and glazing techniques will be the most prominent.

I'm hoping that folks will stop by to chat and watch me work, as they have the last few years.  Think of it as a very tiny Fort Wappel in a massive jungle of craziness!  I will also have the videos there on USB drives, as I did last year.  Of the 53 total videos, 12 of them are all about various basing techniques that I have developed over the last 16 years of miniature painting.

It's hard to believe that for the first few years, we did nothing but gravel and static grass!  My how things have changed.

I'm going to try to make a number of different bases to have in the booth at GenCon.  At the very least, they might give folks some new thoughts on how to approach basing.  This is not a very difficult method at all, and you can see how much it adds to the overall look and feel of the miniature itself.

With just a small amount of extra effort, every miniature can become a tiny diorama... you don't have to have a massive plinth, plaque or bust :-)

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