Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Swamp Rats

With the four new factions created in the recent Wild West Exodus kickstarter expansion came not just a huge batch of new miniatures... but new battlegrounds!

Taking their rebellion to the swamps and bayous, the Confederacy conducts a guerrilla campaign, striking from out of nowhere, only to return to their nearly invisible hideouts once the assault is complete.

While their technology might lack the advancement of their Union foes, they can make the most of it.  Here and older blackhoof, precursor to the iron horse and other bikes, is used as light support for those hit and run attacks.

I'm looking forward to painting more of the Confederate Rebellion, as I can contrast the burning glow of the RJ-1027 against even more muted camouflage colors!

I will also get a chance to do more swamp bases!

The first of many... so stay tuned for much more.