Friday, November 16, 2018

Steaks for Dinner

I suppose that working on all the Bolt Action artillery pieces have been the perfect training for creating some fun basing around the new Builder Scorpion crew sets for the Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game. :-)

Each box contains two of the bolt throwers, with full crew as you see here.

When I looked at the box art, I noticed the steaks that the Knight's watch had built in front of it.  That seemed to be a very fun way to create the proper setting for the basing.  

Using the same Oxide Paste, glue, sticks and gravel that I have on all of my artillery pieces, I built up a little terrain around the crew, which will get some additional textures after painting.

Sharpening the sticks with my wood carving tool gave the steaks that hand chopped pointed appearance...

I will put mud on the base and the figures, along with snow (and even some icicles!).

You can see a bit of the mud effects on this artillery crew:

Once the mud is applied, then I can do the snow and ice effects.  I want to have parts of it be melted, or at least look trampled on by the crew.  Perhaps even some footprints!

After a quick spray of Badger Stynlrez primer, it's all ready for painting!  I will be creating a tutorial video on the basing that you see here for the Patreon Page.  There are more war machines coming for Song of Ice and Fire, and we want to be ready to make those look great!

Here's a link to the page: