Saturday, July 6, 2013

Let's play Pyramid!

Well, when we finally completed the 8 hour drive back from White Bear, there was a box waiting in front of the door.

I thought it was something else at first, until I saw the name, and how heavy it was!  Eight pounds of something...

We opened it up, and started digging!

Not one, but TWO big bags 'o dice...

So this is what 800 dice look like.  I have never, ever, seen so many in one place before!

It did not take long for the Uglies to create a new game for themselves.  They called it Pyramid (actually they called it 'Get more triangle thingies'), but what's in a name?

Looks like Trunko won this round!!

These were much sharper than the sample dice, which was very good when I saw it.  There were all sorts of nice color varieties... some more green, some more purple.  Just like the Painting Pyramid!