Friday, May 10, 2013

Why does it have to be spiders?

Well, I have some very specific plans for these guys.  I am using the spider queen along with a group of these.  The idea is that she and her horde can hide out in terrain and ambush hapless infantry and cavalry, since they are not affected by terrain.

Cathy suggested that I paint a furry spider with markings, so here it is!

The spider queen can also make broodlings, which will fantastic for either blocking supporting troops, or adding those extra attacks.  It's also nice that these guys have the high strength and extra wound to stay alive.  Oh yeah... and poison!  The spider queen also counts as a monstrous mount.

To help keep them alive from all the expected shooting, the Shadow knows.  A little Shadow lord action to force them to roll 6's.  This is a small force, but when you count all the multi wound critters, you have the economy of scale.  What starts out as only 16 or 17 figures is magnified to over twice that size, if you include the broodlings!

Testing will begin at some stage...

Here is the Queen's crew so far!

These are some shots from the Wandering Dragon as I painted this spider...

Just about done!

A hot time at the Wandering Dragon Shoppe

It was quite the beehive of activity again at the Wandering Dragon.  Lots of stuff going on... the big D & D group, demo games by Chad, Malifaux, Magic and more.

In the midst of this maelstrom, I was painting more lava bases.  Here are a few pics from the evening, such as this early stage photo...

As you can see, I was also finishing off some more spiders!  The darker colors have been added to the lava areas...

And then some darker glazes and washes on the rocky parts.

I was time to test some lava OSL on the Legion of Everblight starter set that I got from Adepticon.  It's been a while since I did the major OSL, and that video is going to filmed soon... so time to practice!

I wanted to try out as many different surfaces as possible, so that is why I have been doing the spiders and the starter set.

Towards the ends of the evening, I put a few darker glazes on what I was working on...

The Big Guy has a way to go yet, but he has a good start!

I was able to get a whole batch of new weathering powders at the Dragon Shoppe, and I will be using those to do some effects on the Legion minis!  Stay tuned!

Now some images of the little guys!

This set of images has some pictures featuring a unit that will be getting a boost in numbers as time goes on.  That would be the basic Kabal warriors.  Lots of them!

Of course, Asharah will be getting a boost in the number of Incubi as well.  Another set of 5 will join this group...

I have a few more Grotesques that I will finish off to make the unit even larger.

I have many more wyches to add.  The larger squads will go on Raiders, so that the Kabal Warriors can boost the firepower of the Venoms even more.

My thought process for the Wyches did not work at all in the tournament.  With no cover to hide behind, the Venoms were almost always shot down on the first turn, leaving the most important troop choice floundering in the open, nowhere near an objective.

Here's a shot of the little mosaic...

And and even smaller mosaic design...

The shot of the Kabal Warriors, which were way more fun to paint than I expected!

I look forward to doing some more of these!!