Sunday, June 10, 2018

Cold Steel

This was one of the earlier "oil then acrylic" pieces that I made a while back.  Since this set of figures, I have done more and more of the figure with oils.

While it depends on every figure (and what kind of deadlines are in effect), I do enjoy working entirely with oils on figures.  They don't have to be completely finished before the paint dries... which can be a few hours or days depending on how thin the paint was.

I discovered that once oil paint dries, it is quite handy to apply new layers of paint and feather them out, almost like applying weathering powders.  Since the layers underneath are dry, you won't effect them directly.

This is something that I am doing more and more, which was an unexpected surprise.  Now I plan for this process, which makes it possible to work on even more figures at once.  Previously, I thought that I should gather up as many figures as possible to take advantage of the ability to wet blend for many hours.

Now that I am planning for the paint to dry, but continue to work on the figure, it opens up many more possibilities.

I am sure this process will continue to change rapidly as I discover something new every time I work with the oils!

Stay tuned, as always!