Monday, September 8, 2014

More from the jungle

This is another experiment I wanted to conduct... finishing off one of the broken tree branches with Apoxy sculpt to create the roots.

I began with bark, just as I did with the previous base.

I was not sure how much the Apoxy sculpt might slide around on the bark and branch, but it seemed to stay in place during the sculpting process well enough.

All the extra sculpting here will improve the stability of the branch, of course!

I also wanted to add a few viney things around the roots...

Getting there!

Now I just have to wait for this to set up so that I can add some mica flakes for ground cover.

The mica flakes are applied with a flat sculpting tool as usual.

The ground cover is in place.  This won't be painted in fall colors, which I normally do.  It's supposed to represent fallen jungle foliage, so green and brown will be the scheme.

It's time to add some aquatic plants as vines.  I want to see what it will be like to paint these.

A few Secret Weapon Miniatures skulls to top it off!