Sunday, January 28, 2018

Dead are Rising

This very neat miniature was the first figure which was painted almost entirely in oils.  Up until then, I had been doing a smaller portion, perhaps 60% of the figure, and finishing off the detail work with 'regular' acrylic paints.

On this figure, the primary area for the use of acrylics was the glowing lantern, so that I could use the Vallejo fluorescent paints.  I don't know of any fluorescent oils yet, so once the oils were dry, I was able to do that particular Object Source Lighting effect.

Here's an example of a facebook live session using the oils, and what you can accomplish with them:

If you are curious about how the base was made, I have a link to a facebook live session on how this "Bark and Branch" was created!

I didn't paint up this guy during a live session, but I have several other facebook live sessions where I paint Mierce Miniatures with oils.  If you want to see more of these, there are plenty more on my facebook page, and contributions to the Patreon Page will help me to create even more...