Wednesday, May 31, 2017

End Zone

Another blast from the past!  Here we have a few converted skeletons and zombies for an Undead Blood Bowl team.

I had some fun with the skin tones on the zombies... varying the colors from one to the next, and balancing all the greens against the purples, pinks and reds.  The purple was the key element in the transition between them, since green and purple make a grey as opposed to brown.

That grey is a nice 'dead' flesh color, as opposed to brown, which is what you will get from a green/red mix!

The purple is also handy, since that's part of the uniform colors!

Nothing crazy on the bases... just something to make them look like they are on a Blood Bowl pitch :-)

I went with a more intense green set on the right hand zombie, and that turned out to be a great contrast to the warmer purple color.  The colors on the guts were cooled down a bit to compensate.