Thursday, February 8, 2018

Ice Queen

Here are the finished images from a Facebook Live session that demonstrated the use of the Reaper Clear and Liner paints.  The idea was to show how to bring something like this from primer to nearly complete, using the Shaded Basecoat and Glazing techniques.

The link to that session:

This Mierce Miniatures figure was a lot of fun, and I even added some carved bits of sculpey on the base to make the figure mesh with the base.  It also gave me more faceted surfaces on which to demonstrate the glazes.

In the live session, you can see me lay out the lights and darks very rapidly in my Shaded Basecoat technique.  The original Painting Pyramid video on this subject is now included on my Patreon Page for supporters to watch.

Not only am I doing the live sessions, but I have now added some of those Painting Pyarmid videos to the Patreon Page, as well as new patron only content...even Bolt Action battle reports!

If you can support the page, it would help me secure more interesting minis such as this one, and provide even more time to do these videos!