Thursday, January 3, 2013

Abelard Flintrock Mechanist from Stonehaven Miniatures

Tonight we have another member of the Stonehaven Miniatures Dwarf kickstarter!  This is Abelard Flintrock, Mechanist.

When he lost his left arm, he immediately designed a replacement, which he views as superior.  He has often considered removing his right arm to 'even things up'.  While convinced it would be more practical, he hesitates to make any permanent change.

Happy Birthday Blog! Eleven months and counting!!

I only noticed late last night that today was going to mark the 11th month of the Blog's existence!  It is hard to believe that it's been almost a year!

During that time, there have been 930 posts, 450,000 pageviews and thousands of comments... it has been quite a ride. :-)

I am also reminded to say thank you to everyone who has check out this crazy thing, and listened to my mad ramblings!  It is still the best way for me to take over the universe, though...

I am trying to plan out some sort if 1st birthday post for February.  That would be all about Lizardmen, which were the first set of posts.  I guess I will have to paint a few new lizzies for that!!!

The blog has certainly changed a lot in the last 11 months.  I cannot be certain what direction the blog will take in 2013, but I have a few ideas.  There will certainly be a lot more LOTR painting, but there will also be a hefty amount of Dark Eldar posts as I make the army ready for Adepticon!!

In any case, I will always try to keep it interesting!!!

OK... a few more group shots of the Knights of the Blood Rose riding off to war!

Some of my Galadrhim Knights for Bilbo's bash...

Well, it's about time to use those photos you saw me processing in the last post!  Here are a few of my trusty Galadrhim knights.  With the ability to move through cover, and more importantly 12 inches of normal movement, they were a vital part of my army.

They were a perfect tandem with Gwaihir, the Great Eagle.

The high fight skill could turn many a fight their way.  And they could also hold out against a crowd.  I look forward to adding a few more to my 1000 point army!!!

This particular rider is on a Dragonforge base.

This figure is on one of my own bases.  I created an elf like design on a stone panel and made a cast of it.  Pieces of it were used on these cavalry figures and my infantry as well!

This is one of many new group shots I took...