Saturday, July 4, 2015

Just lookin' around...

Despite her blindness, Walks Looking has "The sight".

This makes her incredibly deadly in close quarters combat.

She is a relatively low cost character for the Warrior Nation who can dish out an incredible amount of pain.

Her glowing blades and swift moves can cut short the life of any enemy.

Banking on Success

Here's a test structure that Mr. Lathan created.  A number of different parameters go into every kit, and each new kit has to go through all of them.

How much wood will it require, how many etchings? is it playable?  That never seems to end!

I thought this was amazing the minute I saw it.  I love the idea of an impressive two story masonry building for Wild West Exodus.

It would serve as a Bank for my Lawmen and Outlaws, and as an Armory for my Union posse.

The interiors are impressive, as always, especially with some furniture!

The lower level has all kinds of goodness, including the safe!!  The safest place in all of Wappeville for your valuables.

That is, until a few dastardly safe crackers get a hold of it!

This bank teller window is amazing!!!

Those businessmen certainly want to keep their fancy duds from getting dusty (or worse), so check out these new boardwalks!

As you can see, some light poles were added so that the citizens of Wappelville can find their way around the streets at night, and feel safe.

These boardwalks are three times as long as the original versions.  I have a set of these, and I will be doing a series of posts on them.  And you will certainly be seeing them in our games!!!

Lookie here... you could even use it as a fence!  He's a genius.