Saturday, August 23, 2014

Anzac Day

Well, actually that's in April, but you get the general idea. :-)

Marty managed to dig these gems up to improve our variety for the Pacifi theatre.  The sprues offer some nice options for special weapons and the potential to create our own scenarios.

The mould lines are excruciating to remove, so I didn't get too crazy about that.  I did want to get them on some bases which would be similar to the Memoir bases.

A bit of rocks...

Ready to paint up.  I figured the first batch would be like the box cover.

Putting down the most basic of light colors for some tiny shaded basecoat.

Glazing time!  Again, very simple colors.  If I have too much variety here, these tiny minis won't be able to handle it!

Once the darker glazing and tinting was done, it was time to get back into those middle tones

Some quick images of what I cane up with...

Once again, the idea was just to see how these lads would take paint.  They should be pretty nifty!

I still have to paint a unit of Japanese now to complete the set.  Oh yeah, and there are some surprises coming there as well!

I tossed the unit into a few "accent" forests that we made for the Pacific campaign.  I am also creating some bamboo forests.

The Anzacs fight side by side with some US Marines!

Advance Australia Fair!