Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I've got my eye on you...

Here are a few shots of the classic Dark Elf flesh tone video.  It's another one of the Raging Heroes Fantasy Blood Vestals.  Those are truly fantastic minis!

Time for some shaded basecoat!

I see Secret Weapon washes on the palette... that can only mean one thing :-)

Glazing just about finished!!!

Getting down to the wire...

Then some final details.

I did another 'sketch' on the side to illustrate a few things.  These have been props on lots of the videos...

A closer look.  This helped to explain some of the principles of how I did the eyes.  While there is nowhere near this much going on with the figure, I thought it would be very helpful to have this as a reference guide for future projects.

Side by side.


More Horsies!

Yet another set of converted Reaper Unicorns!  The metal ones were actually a little easier to turn into 'regular' horses.  They made a nice dramatic pose for the video. :-)

As usual, starting things off with the shaded basecoat...

But then it's time to glaze and tint...

This one had lots of nice 'action' in the darker color range, which is really fun... even when you are doing a two dimensional painting.

Working on the markings and the highlights, and then voila!  Finished Dapple Grey horse.