Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just Horsin' around...

Ok!  Time to saddle up and get to those horsies!  Here we have the Appaloosa breed, one of the two featured in the videos.

Years ago, we discovered a giant 600+ page book covering every breed of horses imaginable.  It has been incredibly helpful!  I will be including all the information on that book in the video, in case any of you want to track that down.

I learned that there are 5 distinct varieties of Appaloosa.  This is one...

One of the reasons I chose this as a video topic is because of such variety, and the chance to do faces such as this.  I was not aware that showing the whites of the eyes was this rare among horses.

Now to the mini.  In this version, I did not use as many warm browns.  I will probably try to sneak more of that in next time :-)

I remember trying to paint something like this many years ago, and it took forever!  Not so this time around.

By the way, this is one of the Reaper Bone minis.  Granted, I had to do a lot of resculpting to change it from a unicorn to a regular horse!  Still, it was very fun, and nice to work with.

I was very glad that I chose to find or convert some kind of horse figure that had to bridle, saddle, etc., to get in the way of the fur!

The Amazon completed!

Here we go folks!

The Amazon leader from War Gods is now finished.  As I mentioned in the last post, this was a blast to paint.

Be sure to check out the War Gods of Olympus kickstarter so see many more incredible minis!

I had lots of fun painting the SE-NMM effects.  That is not always the case, especially on figures that do not have the precision is sculpting and casting.

I had some fun with the base as well.  If you check out the concept art in the PDF of the Amazons, I wanted to work that design in.