Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pre Heresy World Eaters dreadnought

This vehicle was part of a very large Pre Heresy World Eaters army that was designed to be dual purpose... partly loyalist, but also 'tainted'.  Some of the Imperial symbols had burn marks around them, sort of like the swastikas on the wooden Arc of the Covenant box!

Here we go:
Dreadnought web top view

Dreadnought web side view

Scratch sculpted Grey Knight Dreadnought

This was the very first dreadnought I ever painted, which is a bit ironic.  I think I painted 2-3 more scratch built dreadnoughts before I ever painted a 'regular' plastic or resin dreadnought.

This was built primarily from sculpey, but there was some brass rod as well.  The subsequent scratch builds were done a bit differently, where the parts were sculpted separately, and then assembled after baking.  On the other hand, this particular dreadnought was built from the 'ground up'.

Some images:
top view of painted dreadnought


This shows what it looked like prior to painting:
WIP dreadnought

This drawing is something I am working on for the future...
New Freadnought sketch

A few converted Space Wolves

These are some minor conversions on Space Wolf minis, primarily with the back banners to get some fun freehand possibilities.


Peter Fehervari Space Wolf Vet

Wolf Guard

Ultraforge Dragon

One of my favorite manufacturers of monstrous critters has to be Ultraforge.

They do pretty high quality resin castings of miniatures which are nicely posed and sculpted.  A distinct feature of their monsters is that they are very playable.  They work quite well on the table in the midst of those large multi combats that tend to happen in the realm of 8th edition.  Monsters can't get through units anymore, so you need a biggie that will let all the other units co-exist in that same space!

Here are some images of a dragon I did in some Slaneesh colors:






This element also helps with playability.  The wings are magnetized (complete with the magnets!), and so is the howdah.  It all packs away very nicely!