Thursday, February 4, 2016

Inquisitor Reva Garanov

Here's a converted Inquisitor for my old Demonhunters army that was made a few years ago.

I have lost track of how many different parts went into this.  I think there is even a Warmaster giant eagle in there!  I remember adding the second head to it :-)

This is how I always envisioned Inquisitor Reva Garanov, the primary character in my Deamonhunters army.  Here's some more conversions that I made back in the day:

He's also here:

A Hot time at the Cantina!

It's been a while since you've seen some buildings from Burn In Designs, so I thought you might like to see the Cantina!

It's a unique multi piece structure that has all kinds of character, and lots of places for your figures to hang out!!

This front view shows the entrance and the main sign.  The swinging doors are always a nice touch!

The bottom section of the building is the same size as the jail, with lots of room on the inside.  I will do a separate post on the interior later.

Coming around the side, you can see that the back of the building has even more going on...

The flat roof design makes it a lot easier to get your figures up there for some sniper shots at hapless cowboys down on the street.

Not one, but two entrances to the back!  This area is really fun for games like Wild West Exodus, where cover and terrain and not just important, but you can perform so many actions on stairs, and in narrow passages such as the archway.

Now you can see all of the back entrance and the stairs...

The stairs are also designed to hold figures, because nobody likes to make climbing rolls!!!

One more look from the other side.

Removing the top structure shows that you don't have to use both sections.  The roof comes off the top half as well as the lower section.

Now for some minis to show the scale of the buildings.  Seems like the Wayward Eight and Chef are looking to spend a relaxing Siesta this afternoon...

I really liked the shadows cast by the awning.

Here's a link to Lathan's Burn In Designs: