Monday, March 13, 2017

Short on Magic?

I have painted a number of Dwarf characters over the years, mostly in the form of fighters or clerics.  Without a doubt, this Reaper Dwarf wizard is a first for me!

He's a BONES figure (not sure which campaign it's from), which meant I was glad to discover the effectiveness of emery boards in removing mould lines.

I enjoyed how all the vintage wizard features were translated to a Dwarf frame.  The hat, staff, pipe and other details are what you would expect to see in a wizard, but each has a dwarf twist.  This is typified by the staff, which has a distinctly Dwarven look.

I have painted a few dozen BONES figures now, mostly regular 28mm sized characters.  I have painted some ogre sized monsters, but I am still hoping to paint up some of the big beasties!

He's also here: